Tech N’ Tutor offers In-House or On-Site Desktop and Laptop repair services, 
installations, setting up of computer systems and PC Maintenance (contractual or as needed). 

Computer Installation N' Upgrades
  • Most computer hardware upgrades are next day; depending on availability of parts.
  • Laptop/Notebook normal turn-around time is between 2 and 14 days for all hardware-related issues.
  • Some hardware may take longer and is subject to manufacturer's availability. 
  • You're guaranteed fast, top-quality Computer installations and upgrades at an affordable price. 
  • See also ‘New Computer Tech N’ Tutor Package’ Or ‘Digital Camera Tech N’ Tutor Package’
  • On-Site Upgrades are only available on certain services.

Providing you with an efficient, 
dependable service for all of your 
computer related needs.

Installations/​​ Upgrades


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Washington, MO 63090